Cemetery desecration in the 21st century

June 29th, 2010 by Dave Rich

The neo-Nazi tactic of desecrating Jewish cemeteries is one that is sadly familiar across Europe. Normally, the results look something like this:

 daubing on graves

The purpose of these kind of attack is clear: to shock and offend Jews. There is something particularly despicable about desecrating a cemetery, as if Jews are not safe, even in death, from their persecutors.

More recently, the type of people who are motivated to desecrate Jewish graves has started to change. In January 2009, during Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza,  Glenduffhill Jewish Cemetery in Glasgow was desecrated with pro-Hamas graffiti, as reported in the Jewish Chronicle:

Slogans sprayed on walls around the cemetery and on the headstones themselves pledged support for Hamas and the Scottish Nationalist Party and called for Jews to leave Scotland. One chilling slogan spread across three headstones simply read “Kill The Jews”.


Now, this trend has been taken to a new low, and to its logical conclusion. We have written before about the abuse of the Holocaust by anti-Zionists who draw false parallels between Israel and Nazi Germany, in order to make their political point. But it is hard to appreciate the breathtaking arrogance and callousness that led two anti-Zionists, one Israeli and one Polish, to daub “Free Gaza” graffiti on the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto:


Yesterday, Israeli and Polish activists met in the ruins of Warsaw’s old Jewish Ghetto.

The activists sprayed ‘Liberate All Ghettos’ in Hebrew, followed by ‘Free Gaza and Palestine’ in English on a wall of an original block in the ghetto. The block is across the street from the last fragment of the remaining perimeter wall of the Ghetto. They also hung Palestinian flags from the wall.

This was first time such an action took place in the ghetto.

Yonatan Shapira former Israeli Air Force captain and now refusnik and BDS activist said:

‘Most of my family came from Poland and many of my relatives were killed in the death camps during the Holocaust. When I walk in what was left from the Warsaw Ghetto I can’t stop thinking about the people of Gaza who are not only locked in an open air prison but are also being bombarded by fighter jets, attack helicopters and drones, flown by people whom I used to serve with before my refusal in 2003.

I am also thinking about the delegations of young Israelis that are coming to see the history of our people but also are subjected to militaristic and nationalistic brainwashing on a daily basis. Maybe if they see what we wrote here today they will remember that oppression is oppression, occupation is occupation, and crimes against humanity are crimes against humanity, whether they have been committed here in Warsaw or in Gaza’.

Ewa Jasiewicz, activist with Kampania Palestyna and one of the co-ordinators of the Free Gaza Movement who just returned from participating in the Freedom Flotilla said:

`Yonatan could have been the pilot in the Blackhawk that dropped commandos onto the Mavi Marmara that killed nine activists from our flotilla. I could have been one of them. Poland is full of the ruins of ghettos and death camps and shrines to those who sacrificed their lives in the defence of not just their communities but in resistance to fascism.

People here need to wake up and realise that occupations and ghettos did not end with the end of the second world war. These tactics and strategies of domination and control of other people and lands are present in Palestine today and are being perpetrated by the state of Israel. We have a responsibility to free all ghettos and end all occupations’.

Let’s be clear: Shapira, Jasiewicz and everyone else are free to campaign against Israel as much as they like, to condemn Israeli policy and to criticise its actions. But the Warsaw Ghetto is, effectively, a huge Jewish cemetery: over 100,000 Jews died in the Ghetto between its construction in 1940 and its liquidation in 1943, mainly from starvation, disease and random killings by their German guards. It is not a place to daub political graffiti, much less anti-Israel graffiti. If Israel had existed in the 1930s, it is possible that many of the Jews who died  in the Ghetto, or were taken from there to their deaths, would have been saved. I don’t know if Shapira and Jasiewicz thought about this when they were in Warsaw, or if they consider it at all relevant. I also don’t know if they thought about the use of boycotts as a discriminatory weapon by the Nazis to separate Jews from wider society, before exterminating them; however they did think about boycotts of Israel, because they held a Palestinian flag marked with ‘BDS’ (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against the Ghetto wall:


If their purpose was to shock and offend, then they have succeeded. If anti-Zionists want to avoid being accused of antisemitism, they should not adopt antisemites’ lowest form of attack, by desecrating a Jewish cemetery.

Neo-Nazis convicted for antisemitic race hate

June 25th, 2010 by Dave Rich

Two neo-Nazis have been convicted of inciting hatred against Jews and other minorities:

Food packer Michael Heaton, 42, idolised Nazi warlord Rudolf Hess and kept piles of memorabilia including swaztikas and a fearsome armory of weapons.

After a 12 day trial at Liverpool Crown Court Heaton was convicted on four counts of “using threatening and abusive language likely to stir up racial hatred”.

At an earlier hearing, his co-defendant Trevor Hannington, 58, admitted six further counts of using threatning and abusive language, and possessing notorious terrorism handbooks “The Anarchists Cookbook” and “The Complete Improvise Kitchen”.

The jury heard that both Hannington and Heaton published a string of vile messages on the Aryan Strike Force website, which the pair operated together, between January and June 2008.

Hannington, of Cardiff, South Wales, described as a lonely “Walter Mitty” character, also admitted posting instructions for making a home made flame-thrower on the site operated from his home.

After four-and-a-half hours of deliberation the jury of seven men and five women returned guilty verdicts on the four charges against Heaton. He was found not guilty on two counts of “soliciting to murder”.

Hannington was also found not guilty of “soliciting to murder”..


Hannington’s hate-filled postings include messages which read: “Kill the Jew, Kill the Jew, Burn the synagogues, and Burn the Scum”.

Heaton wrote, “Jews will always be scum, and must be destroyed, I would encourage any race who wants to destroy the Jews, I hate them with a passion.”

During the 12 day trial, Mr. Andrew Edis QC, prosecuting, told the court how “fantasist” Hannington lived a double life under the online alias of Fist, in a bid to appear more threatening to fellow members of the right wing group.

The court was also told of Heaton’s connections with other convicted neo-nazi extremists, including Mark Atkinson, who was jailed for five years in 2005 for publishing racial hatred in a right-wing magazine called Stormer.

Heaton’s relationship with another activist, named only as Maroney, was also described. Maroney is currently serving a life sentence after “fire-bombing” the home of a Yemeni neighbour, before firing a crossbow wildly down the street, and for sexually assaulting his girlfriend.


During a search of Heaton’s home, in Greater Manchester, detectives unearthed large quantities of Nazi and Hitler-related material, and a vast array of weapons.

A copy of the Nazi dictator’s book, Mein Kampf, was also available to users of the website.

But in interview Heaton confessed that the man he really he idolised Hitler’s upper-class henchman Rudolf Hess.

Throughout the trial, jurors were shown evidence of the pair’s neo-nazi activities, including a series of videos designed for the training of extremists and activists which featured Mr Heaton violently attacking another man, in a demonstration of strength and aggression.

Members of the jury visibly winced as each blow was struck, and the thud echoed around the courtroom.

Further images showed 6 ft 2 inch Heaton at a Neo-Nazi demonstration in Manchester where he was seen making the Nazi salute.

Mr Edis added that in another posting, Heaton had written: “We are set up to be a force for action, not a gang of keyboard warriors. This is a street active militant organisation.”


Swastika flags in Trevor Hannington’s home


Neo-Nazi flags, a National Front poster and a samurai sword in Michael Heaton’s home

 In this report below from Channel 4 News, Home Affairs reporter Simon Israel places these convictions in the context of awider growth in the activities of the violent far right. This includes several other convictions for far right terrorism, and also the street activities of the English Defence League, which Heaton and Hannington supported:

Dr Matthew Feldman, who runs the UK’s only research unit on new media and domestic extremism at Northampton University, was the prosecution’s key witness in this case.

He says “These are neo-Nazis, pure and simple, and consider themselves really the most extreme versions of this ideological neo-Nazism that is new.

“We have had some evidence, I believe, of activists from the ASF appearing on videos at the English Defence League marches and so forth.”

Dr Feldman believes this recent string of convictions of “lone wolf” cases and the creation of the English Defence League point to a resurgence of far right extremism.

He said: “In terms of what we might call small cell or lone wolf terrorists cases since 2008, but also other events in 2008 such as the successful election of two British National Party MEPs in the Yorkshire, Humber area, and in 2009 the creation of the English Defence League on the back of those protests by some radical Islamism groups against the return of Anglican soldiers. So I think there is a confluence of factors that do point to a resurgence in the far right.”

The two convicted today actually turned up at several of the EDL rallies and used their website to praise the EDL’s actions. Yet the EDL denies any links to these extremists organisation.

We asked for an interview with its organisers so we could put all our evidence to them. They declined.

Does that mean EDL is infiltrated with those with a much more extreme agenda intent on more than just glorified football style violence? Police who monitor these events say no.

Assistant Chief Constable Anton Setchell, national coordinator for domestic extremism, told Channel 4 News that “we have seen some individuals from the far right on the margins of EDL organised events but these are only one or two individuals. We have found no strong links between extreme groups like the Aryan Strike Force and the EDL.”

Yet today’s guilty verdicts bring to 16 the total number of far right extremists who have been convicted over the past two years.


The Institute for Race Relations is about to publish a report, which Channel 4 News has had exclusive access to, mapping out 600 serious racist attacks in the UK last year. Many have taken place in towns which have had influxes of a migrant workforce or asylum seekers. But it also hints at a correlation between attacks and pockets of extremism.

We found that of the 16 extremist convictions since 2008, two thirds come from towns which form a corridor across the north of England: Penwortham, south of Preston, to Leigh, west of Manchester, to Batley, to Selby, to Goole, to Grimsby, then further north to Elsdon and Durham.

BNP activist jailed for violent attack

June 24th, 2010 by Dave Rich

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

A BNP party member has been convicted of attacking an anti-fascist demonstrator, in a protracted court saga.

Peter Tierney, 53, from Liverpool, was found guilty by a unanimous verdict at Liverpool Crown Court last Thursday for smashing Nicholas Barnett over the head with a camera tripod.

The incident, which took place on St George’s Day last year, saw BNP supporters and members of Merseyside Coalition against Racism and Fascism clash in Liverpool’s city centre.

Mr Barnett required hospital treatment after the incident.

The attack was captured on CCTV and showed Mr Tierney, with his distinct ponytail, running at the protester and attacking him with the tripod. A brawl then ensued between the rival groups.

The Liverpool Nationalist blog posted a defence of Mr Tierney immediately after the incident last April, stating that BNP members had been victims of attacks by “psychotic unwashed leftists”.

The BNP’s website, which describes Mr Tierney as a “super activist”, also maintained he was attacked by “the thug Barnett”, and said that Mr Tierney was likely to appeal against his conviction.

The case has been animated by anti-fascist protesters demonstrating outside various court hearings, one in March which was abandoned after new evidence was introduced. Mr Tierney is due to be sentenced on July 12.

Community Security Trust spokesman, Mark Gardner said: “The BNP’s electoral successes come and go, but cases such as this reveal that the party’s true face never goes away.”

Robert Fisk: words, power, genocide and Holocaust

June 22nd, 2010 by Mark Gardner

The Independent newspaper (21 June 2010) featured a double page spread entitled “Fighting talk” by Robert Fisk in which he railed about the use of semantics by journalists, but revealed some very curious semantics of his own.  

 “Fighting talk” is a lengthy article about the use and the abuse of words and phrases; and the power that this contains. Fisk goes after his usual targets: Israel, America, Tony Blair, and of course all those other journalists and media who lack Fisk’s own perception, courage and integrity in telling it as it really is.

 The article is illustrated by a photograph of TV crews shooting news interviews, whilst helpers hold an Israeli flag behind the reporters’ heads. It is an apt photograph as Israel is never far from Fisk’s anger. He begins and ends by sneering at Israel’s use of the word “terror”; and includes “America and Israel” within “the parasitic-osmotic relationship between supposedly honourable reporters and the nexus of power”.

 (The words parasitic and osmotic do not mean the same thing. Parasitic means one body living and feeding off another. Osmotic means a fluid passing through membranes. One is a relationship of dependency, the other is not.) Still, this is not the main thrust of Fisk’s article. Rather, this is

In the Western context, power and the media is about the words – and the use of words. It is about semantics. It is about the employment of phrases and their origins. And it is about the misuse of history, and about the ignorance of history. More and more today, we journalists have become prisoners of the language of power.

 Further impassioned statements about words and power pepper the article’s length, including these

This isn’t just about clichés – this is preposterous journalism. There is no battle between media and power; through language, we, the media, have become them.

 Yet the use of the language of power – of its beacon words and its beacon phrases – goes on among us still.

 Yet the most dangerous side of our new semantic war, our use of the words of power – though it is not a war, since we have largely surrendered – is that it isolates us from our viewers and readers. They are not stupid. They understand words in many cases – I fear – better than we do. History, too. They know that we are drawing our vocabulary from the language of generals and presidents.

Fisk mainly illustrates these (and other points) with scathing criticisms of Israel and/or America. That is not my concern. Instead, it is the power and the semantics of one letter and one word that perplex me.

The word is “Holocaust”, and the letter is the capital “H”. There are three thousand two hundred and twenty nine words in the article, but the word “Holocaust” appears only once. It is Fisk who in this article referred to “the language of power – of its beacon words and its beacon phrases”. It is fair to assume that “Holocaust” (especially with a capital “H”) is one particularly powerful “beacon”, even if Fisk does not actually say so in the article.

Fisk uses the word “genocide” six times in the article (always in the context of Turkey’s 1915 genocide of Armenians) so his solitary use of the word “Holocaust” is deliberate and calculated. This is where it appears

But it was interesting that the Israelis – who for their own political reasons had hitherto shamefully gone along with the Turkish denial – now suddenly wanted to inform the world of the 1915 Armenian genocide. This provoked an understandable frisson among many of our colleagues. Journalists who have regularly ducked all mention of the 20th century’s first Holocaust –unless they could also refer to the way in which the Turks “hotly dispute” the genocide label (ergo the Toronto Globe and Mail) – could suddenly refer to it. Israel’s new-found historical interest made the subject legitimate, though almost all reports managed to avoid any explanation of what actually happened in 1915.

As regular readers of Fisk will know, he has very strongly opposed the Arab tendency to trivialise or even deny the Holocaust; and was the first Westerner to put the Jewish Holocaust on a Lebanese television channel.”  He has also long called for recognition of the Armenian genocide (by Israel and America in particular) and this is not the first time he has referred to it as the 20th century’s first Holocaust, nor the first time that he has done so with a capital “H”.

Nevertheless, when he is writing as lengthy and impassioned an article as this for the Independent, on the power of words, it is important to scrutinise what he actually writes about the Holocaust; and to ask what meaning his readers are likely to take from all of this. 

In itself, describing the 1915 Armenian genocide as the “20th century’s first Holocaust”, strongly infers that the Nazi Holocaust of European Jewry was not unique.

Semantically, if the Nazi Holocaust was not unique, then why is Fisk denoting it with a capital “H”? If the word Holocaust is simply another word  for “genocide” – and therefore with however many other dreadful 20th century episodes – then why bother with the capital letter: unless, that is, your point is to actually equate the Turkish genocide of Armenians with the Nazi Holocaust of Jews.

Terrible though the events in Turkey were, they did not equate to the Holocaust of European Jewry. You do not need to risk diminishing the unique awfulness of the Holocaust in order to confirm the Armenian genocide.

In the context of many articles, such relativising of the status of the Holocaust could perhaps be excused as unwitting, imprecise, ill-informed or lazy journalism. (Likely a combination of all four.) Not so in this article. Not in an article that is devoted to the power of words, the power of history and the power of those who abuse all of that; and not in an article that keeps returning to Israel as being an exemplar of all that is wrong with such a world.

Next, re-read this excerpt from Fisk’s Holocaust paragraph again

Journalists who have regularly ducked all mention of the 20th century’s first Holocaust – unless they could also refer to the way in which the Turks “hotly dispute” the genocide label (ergo the Toronto Globe and Mail) – could suddenly refer to it. Israel’s new-found historical interest made the subject legitimate…

Is Fisk actually meaning to imply that journalists (in his example, Canadian ones) take their cue from Israel as to whether or not they can refer to the Armenian genocide as a “genocide”? For an article about semantics, words and phrases, this is a most unfortunately written paragraph: because that ridiculous assertion is certainly what it suggests at face value. 

Finally, there is Fisk’s admirable commitment to ensure that neither the Armenian nor Jewish genocides are airbrushed from history by those for whom it would be convenient to do so. I ask, therefore, why he himself should have neglected the German colonial genocide of the Herero and Namaqua peoples (1904-1907) in present-day Namibia. This is, according to most scholars, including the United Nations Whitaker Report (1985) on genocide, the 20th Century’s first genocide – not Holocaust, nor even holocaust, but genocide.

Robert Fisk certainly knows the power of words, but there is a simple cliché that he would do well to stick by

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Hizb ut-Tahrir: “purify the earth of Jewish filth”

June 20th, 2010 by Dave Rich

Hizb ut-Tahrir have often claimed that they do not support violence, and that they are not antisemitic. When challenged on this, they normally say that they are merely anti-Israel, not against Jews. An example is this article, from the Guardian’s Comment Is Free.

Two weeks ago, Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh issued a Press Release, available on their website in English and Bengali (both PDFs), to advertise a demonstration they held about the Gaza flotilla. This is what it says:

O Muslim Armies! Teach the Jews a lesson after which they will need no further lessons

March forth to fight them, eradicate their entity and purify the earth of their filth

Hizb ut-Tahrir organized a demonstration today to protest against the Jewish state’s attack on relief ships bound for Gaza, in which dozens were killed and injured. The Muslims joining the demonstration called upon the Muslim armies to march forth to fight the Jews, eradicate Israel and purify the earth of Jewish filth. Indeed the Muslim armies must follow the footsteps of their forefather, Sa’ad ibn Mu’adh (RA) who taught the Jews of Banu Quraydah a lesson for their mischief. He ordered that their men should be killed, property divided and their women and children taken as captives. And Muhammad (SAW) said regarding this, “By Him in Whose Hand is the soul of Muhammad, Allah and the Muslims approved of your judgment and I shall execute it.”

The people participating in the demonstration also called upon the Muslim armies to remove the corrupt traitor rulers who are ruling the Ummah at present and re-establish the Khilafah. The Muslim Army of Bangladesh must remove the government of Sheikh Hasina. These rulers serve their American and British masters who created and protect the Jewish entity. They will not take any step against the Jewish entity other than regurgitate meaningless words of condemnations, hold meaningless conferences and call upon the so-called international community to issue meaningless resolutions.

Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir

Wilayah Bangladesh

Note how the Press Release moves seamlessly from the call for Israel to be destroyed to the call for the earth to be purified of “Jewish filth”. This is to be done by “Muslim armies” – i.e., through violence. It is ambiguous as to whether they mean only the “Jewish filth” on Israeli earth, or in the entire world, but this is an ambiguity of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s own making. This cannot simply be dismissed as a local statement by the Bangladeshi branch: Hizb ut-Tahrir advertises itself as an international movement, and the various national branches follow the same political ideology. The fact that the Press Release was issued in English as well as Bengali is further evidence that this is for international consumption, including by Hizb ut-Tahrir supporters in Britain.

There is another reason why Hizb ut-Tahrir in Britain ought to explain why they should not be considered responsible for this incitement to kill Jews: the website on which it has been published, www.khilafat.org, is registered in Birmingham.

UPDATE: Hizb ut-Tahrir have, predictably, removed both versions of the Press Release from their Bangladeshi website (fortunately I had saved them and have restored the links, above). However, the Press Release is still available on the Hizb ut-Tahrir Central Media Office website, which disseminates material from all their branches around the world: more evidence that this is a single, international body, and that Hizb ut-Tahrir UK cannot simply disassociate itself from the statements of its Bangladeshi (or any other) branch. In case that version gets removed too, here is a screenshot:

HT Bang Jews 3

Birobidjan – a campaign update

June 17th, 2010 by Dave Rich

Earlier this year, we blogged on the efforts of Michele Renouf, one of Britain’s best-known Holocaust deniers, to promote her campaign to have Jews relocate en masse to Birobidjan, a Jewish autonomous region established in the eastern Soviet Union by Stalin in 1934. On that occasion, she was speaking to a meeting at the House of Lords, where her proposal was greeted with applause.

Now she has taken her campaign overseas: to Iran, where, in her words, she was “invited to give an impromptu address to President Ahmadinejad and a thousand international guests at the Presidential Headquarters in Teheran on 3rd June 2010.” Renouf was in Iran to address the 4th International Conference on Imam Khomeini and Foreign Policy (scroll down for a photo of Renouf), organised by the Institute for Political and International Studies.

Renouf used the opportunity of her “impromtu address” to propose Birobidjan as a home for Israeli Jews as well as European ones, thereby solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at a stroke:

Indeed after 1928 European Jews had no need to pirate Palestine, and to this day a Jewish Autonomous Region called Birobidjan exists peacefully and available on Russia’s south-east border with China, having never displaced an indigenous people for its creation. Today some Jews try to claim that it was an act of anti-semitism when Stalin gave this region of 30,000 sq. km  (the size of Switzerland) to Jews. The truth is that Stalin was providing every ethnic group comprising the Soviet Union with its own autonomous region, and nothing “anti-semitic” has ever endangered Birobidjan. Furthermore in 1945 when European Jews were crying “We have no homeland, we need and deserve Palestine” – again they lied, for in 1945 there was no political impediment to prevent European Jewry heading for the welcome arms of their vast and long-established Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidjan.

The same is true today, yet in our mainstream media we hear not a word of Birobidjan. Only rarely does the Jewish Telegraphic Agency mention Birobidjan, and when it does it refers to it disingenuously as a “district”. Which district in the world is the size of Switzerland? The fact is that since the dissolution of the Soviet Union its ethnically autonomous regions have been entitled to republic status, yet the JTA lets us know that due to so-called “sensitivity” to Israel, Birobidjan has declined, due to fear of raising gentile public awareness of its existence, to acknowledge this first Jewish homeland, and all but state and republic.

My hope is that our President Ahmadinejad, who speaks the whole truth bravely, will promote awareness of the first Jewish homeland and that there is no need for European Jews to go back to Germany, Poland or Austria when they have their own state whose first language is Yiddish. Please view my first homeland option website at www.birobidjan.co.uk for, in the spirit of Imam Khomeini, there you will find a campaign for moral and morale rearmament. The Palestinians whose Nakba constitutes the greatest tragedy of the 20th century – those brave voters who democratically elected the long heroic Hamas – deserve the return of every inch of their tormented land, and not any part in the specious “one-state two-state” farce.  The immediate vacation of European Jews from all of Palestine and compensation to the indigenous Arab people is more than overdue to those who, for more than a century, continue to fight for Reason at the front line of historical truth and international justice for all of us.

Ahmadinejad’s response to Renouf’s plea is not known. But if the Iranian President does, at some point in the future, propose deporting Israeli Jews to Birobidjan, you will know where he heard it first.


Palestine Telegraph and “Jewish power”

June 17th, 2010 by Dave Rich

Palestine Telegraph has published an article by Gilad Atzmon in which he defends Helen Thomas’s call for Israeli Jews to “go home to Poland, Germany, America and elsewhere.” The website’s editor, Sameh Habeeb, has previously denied allegations of antisemitism relating to comments he made to a Leeds student newspaper about who runs the media.

In the article, Atzmon describes Thomas’s suggestion as “the most reasonable and ethical” solution on offer for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because of the nature of “Jewish ideology” and “Jewish power”:

Most humanists seem to support the One State Solution, they are convinced that such a solution is fair and ethical. Again, I am rather perplexed here. As much as we accept that sharing the land is reasonable and ethical, it is completely foreign to Jewish ideology and Zionism in particular.


Seemingly,  the Rabbi who assaulted Helen Thomas,  is not impressed by  Thomas’ solution. He was concerned about six million Jews who perished in Europe. Someone should remind the Rabbi that the European Judeocide has nothing to do with Palestine or the Palestinians. However, his own behaviour towards  Thomas together with the Israeli repellent murderous behaviour in the high seas, in  Palestine, and the Jewish lobbies around the world, all contribute together to a necessary revision of the notion of ‘Jewish suffering’ in history. At the end of the day, our vision of the past is constantly shaped by our present understandings.

Like the rest of humanity, Old Helen Thomas is tired of Jewish power and Israeli barbarism, she touched the nerve exactly where it hurts by saying the plain truth.   “Get the hell out of Palestine”. Truth, it seems, echoes ethics and reason.

This article is consistent with Atzmon’s other writings, which are full of perjorative references to “Jewish power” and Jewish behaviour and thinking more generally. Atzmon has previously described himself as a “proud self-hating Jew”, endorsed the “prophetic qualities” of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and has been accused of dabbling in Holocaust denial. If you publish Atzmon, you know what you are getting.

Palestine Telegraph repeatedly publishes the most blatant Jewish conspiracy theories, antisemitic cartoons and other bigoted nonsense. You would be forgiven for wondering who would be happy being associated with such a website. One answer is to look at the patrons of Palestine Telegraph: former MP George Galloway, journalist Lauren Booth and European Parliament Vice-President Luisa Morgantini.

One former patron who did step down is Liberal Democrat Baroness Jenny Tonge, after Palestine Telegraph  published a video by the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. However, Tonge’s apparent desire to distance herself has not lasted long. Just this week, Tonge sent a lengthy email to Palestine Telegraph describing a recent visit of hers to a United Nations conference on the Palestinians, with a copy of her speech for them to publish. Tonge’s speech is mostly about conditions in Gaza and the West Bank, but she can’t resist mentioning her favourite conspiracy theory:

We also know and I am more aware than most of the power of the Israel Lobby in the USA and UK. Any criticism of the Israeli Government is deemed to be anti Semitic, and politicians like me are harassed and driven out of positions of influence in all sorts of organisations and situations.

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